I am so grateful for all the messages I receive on a daily basis, Knowing that my work has given guidance to so many people truly gives me more joy as a light worker .  Feel free to give an Honest  Review  where ever you want .Sometimes i Do close it because of chinese spams . 

I love all your videos on YouTube. It is so true. Before you i had no ideas, what is a proper reading with proper insights. And a special thanks to you!! you have refused to do readings for me. It was too much and i understand just now the meaning. I am better now with my addiction with psychics. `You are a rock!! kat


venus psychic review

venus psychic review

Many thanks for the reading , you were right last month. my daughter had broken her legs very badly yesterday






80 comments on “REVIEWS
  1. Venus is a natural born psychic, and is extremely talented. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

  2. Angel France Fernando says:

    This is to advise that Psychic Venus is absolutely awesome. She always hits it on the nose, is accurate, and is astounding. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and advise. She will guide you to where you should be. She is Gifted and a very good psychic. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. ~Angel France Fernando

  3. Aathi says:

    Had a very nice session with her! She gave me very practical answer for the problem that I’m having currently! Thank you Venus ! May God Bless You ! I’ll definitely follow your advice , from today ! =)

  4. clh672 says:

    Venus doesn’t always tell me what I want to hear but everything she has said in the past has so far been true, I have been a client of hers for years and will continue to do so.She make me see things more clearly and even reminds me when it’s a full moon.

  5. sabs says:

    Hi its Sat 3rd May 2014
    my first Reading upfront straight to the point & confirmed what I was feeling & thinking well over 2yrs now, didn’t give no information just a name I’ve gotta just get the emotional ties squashed then can allow myself the full happiness I deserve work in progress but will be victorious, definitely will call her again fir sure she knows her stuff straight up.

  6. Clain says:

    Salut Vénus,
    Je tenais à te remercier pour ton aide. Tu m’as ouvert les yeux sur un sujet qui était pour moi épineux, aujourd’hui grâce à ton aide j’avance sans regarder derrière et pour cela je t’en remercie. Bonne continuation. Sandrine.

  7. jacky says:

    I found my reading with Venus very uplifting she manage to pick up issues of my life of importants and even pin pointing my age where I experienced a traumatic life event. I finished my reading feeling more informed and up lifted with her great personality and very warm and positive energy.I would definitely recommend a reading with the wonderful Venus. Especially if your looking for an honest no nonsense reading. Thanks heaps Venus I hope to talk to you again soon. Jacky

  8. Zooey says:

    No drama no fair tale story telling, but real, honest and supportive advices.

    Venus is very straightful and caring person. I see her as a life mentor and a friend.

  9. MS says:

    veryy accurate, i really like her reading…and thank you very much

  10. kkay says:

    Thank you for your reading today it was short but powerful. Thats what I need this morning.
    Thank you

  11. Delfine says:

    She’s amazing all she told me was right.
    She got really the good connexion.
    Thank you Venus
    I was really in need of help and you gave me the light on my way…
    Delfine xx

  12. Marine says:

    Je connais Vénus depuis quelques années, elle a toujours été franche, droite et honnête.

    Merci de m’avoir ouvert les yeux, tu avais raison.

    Grace à toi, pour savoir à qui j’ai à faire, je regarde toujours si on me tient la porte ou si on passe devant moi… Merci ma belle.

  13. Dean says:

    Thanks Venus, your reading was very powerful and brutallyhonest some parts of the reading İ would of probably preferred not knowing, but you were just doing you job and I appreciate the truth.. lol

  14. Sandrine says:

    I bumped into Venus and we hit it off straight away. She is open, honest, accurate and very dedicated. Her reading was spot on and was like a relief to me. I can’t thank her enough. I really appreciate everything you’ve done. Sandrine

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Venus!…you are really blessing to souls who seek your guidance. Your way of answering is blunt, open but with honesty & kindness.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Venus!…you are really a blessing to people who seek your guidance. Your way of answering is blunt, direct & open but with honesty & kindness. Regards, Cyrus

  17. marine says:

    Hello madame,
    je confirme tes prédictions professionnelles , j’ ai effectivement repris l’immobilier pour mon plus grand bonheur…
    Je te tel demain si tu es dispo j’ai de nouvelles questions pour toi!
    Belle nuit,

  18. Vanessa says:

    Thank you Venus for your reading <3 you gave me "homework" on my first reading, which was to reconnect with someone, and refused to give me another reading until i did it. I am really glad you pushed me ! I am also really impressed with what you say, without using any cards or support… everything was really helpful and i would recommend you without hesitation !! xxxx

  19. Jessica says:

    Venus is a fabulous lady with mind blowing and very enviable psychic abilities. Without using cards or tools of any kind she can provide fascinating insight and information about any situation or person from the past, present or future. If you are going through a difficult or confusing time she can provide understanding and empathy for your situation in a way no one else would be able to. If you feel alone and like no one really understands you properly, Venus will understand without even telling her anything. She is very generous with her time and her wisdom and can provide you with very valuable advice. She is definitely a 5 star psychic! Xxx

  20. Sarah says:

    I have had a number of psychic readings with Venus over the phone. She has always been accurate and very direct. Her honesty is what I like the most, she won’t lie to you and she will be very straight-forward when speaking with you. This has helped me to make improvements in my life. I cannot stress how accurate Venus is! I’m so grateful for all of her help.

  21. Laura says:

    Thanks Venus for a wonderful and long reading! I am really amazed at how you described everyone around me exactly as they are! Thanks for the tips on what to do and the insight to things later to come. You have an amazing gift and it was very comfortable to talk with you.


  22. Noriko says:

    I had a reading from Venus right after having seen the most horrifying video on earth and signed a petition for the campaign to ban animal hate media. The shocking video broke my heart into pieces and as a result, it affected my feelings so badly. I have been recently practicing positive affirmations (law of attraction) and I thought I was doing ok,.. I was wrong! Venus made me realise that I have to take care of my feelings and thoughts all the time -feelings are energy and thoughts are energy, you can’t attract positive things when you are soaked in negative energy top to toe lol;. I loved her way of describing my situation too (she said ”it is like you’re wearing a wrong clothes on”). Thanks Venus xx

  23. Greta says:

    I see a lot of interesting content on your blog.
    You have to spend a lot of time writing, i know how to save you a
    lot of work, good psychic indeed . you was helpful venus

  24. TY says:

    Thank you so much Venus for giving such an accurate and amazing reading. I will definitely come back for more guidance.
    Thanks again.

  25. Niki says:

    I got a reading from Venus about a matter that was causing me much pain and confusion. Venus gave me the truth in a direct yet caring way which left me feeling enlightened and at peace. I felt like as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Thank you for everything Venus x

  26. rosalin says:

    thanks for your help venus. i will comeback in few months for sure.

  27. Dorka says:

    She is truly a natural psychic, if you need guidance, look no further!!! She’s amazing

  28. Barbara says:

    Hi Venus,

    I had a couple of readings with you in the last couple of months ( about the same issue/guy) and you were completely right about him.. It was though to hear the harsh truth about him but your comments helped me seeing things straight again and move on..
    Thank you very much

  29. Nikki says:

    Venus is a true talent in her field. Always a pleasure to talk to her

  30. B.S says:

    This is the right website and psychic for anyone who would like
    to understand Vibrations and Energies. You understand a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want to…HaHa).
    You definitely put a new spin on a subject that has been written about
    for years. Excellent stuff, just excellent!

  31. cindy says:

    wow, awesome reading and articles.Really thank you!

  32. stella says:

    I had readings from different people before, none of them can compare to Venus
    She has always be accurate in her predictions, she has also given me good guidance without trying to influence my choices or decisions. Thank you Venus from the bottom of my heart for everything, you have always been there whenever i needed support.

  33. helen says:

    I think you are truly gifted and I have only had really positive experiences with you. Your readings have always been accurate and insightful for me. Thank you for being honest about sensitive issues with me.

  34. Em says:

    Venus is hands down the best psychic and I have had the privilege to speak with her. Earlier this year I turned to Venus on twitter for a reading, being intrigue by her profile and good reviews. She is personal, a real person to speak with, professional of course but friendly and actually talks to you-your not just another person. To meet someone of this high caliber who is that genuine with you and patient, your not just a client she cares.

    Then the reading; initially I was taken aback by a few things said, that I though couldn’t possibly be true. I was in a permanent job on contract in a very, very, very reliable job, and Venus said my job wasn’t permanent, there was a red flag for it and it would end, I was sceptical of her for this, and thought little of her for it. Then, a month later my work closed with no notice, on the last day myself and all were made redundant. I immediately thought of Venus’ words. Let just say there is no way anyone else would ever have been able to know this was going to happen.

    There are other things venus referenced and understood about my past behaviour in relationships that were so spot on and she did this comfortably, no effort or showmanship, she just casually referenced them. And could advise on the basis of this.

    I was blown away by her, and I have spoken to a few psychics in my time.

    Her demeanour is enthusiastic, energetic, kind, honest, passionate, truthful, dynamic. Go with it. Initially I was a little taken a back, but that’s me and my thing, I adore her and could not recommend her enough. She is the real deal. A truly unique and wonderful individual. Get a reading.


  35. Veve says:

    I had my first reading in 2013… and yesterday it’s was my third time.
    She fabulous and so natural. She tell things how there are that’s what I like about her.

  36. Majolie says:

    You told me something hurtful last time and I didn’t want to follow your advises as I didn’t like it. Everything came out just as you told me and it was not pretty, I can tell you that. I really should have followed your advises.
    Thanks again, I will be wiser next time.

  37. mony says:

    Thanks for the advises Venus. Everything you said make sense to me. Your respond’s to my questions were spot on and very accurate I am a very satisfied customer.

  38. Anna says:

    Venus is just wonderful! I have been reading with her for two years now and she has always been spot on! She says things as they are no matter how hard the truth is. She is fantastic with her readings and advise. Love her

  39. katie says:

    my consultation with was very accurate and always has been, dealt with her previously and it always makes sense, Thanks for your help and will definitely consult you again.

  40. mima says:

    Thank you for your readings. It’s always nice to talk to you and surprisingly always it becomes true and all what you say is accurate. You really have a gift and I will always get back to you whenever I will need. Thank you!!!

  41. Leslie says:

    I had my reading with Venus over the phone, she talked with me a lot about many parts of my life which made so much sense and also helped with some future direction that i should look at doing in my life.

    Venus is a brilliant genuine Psychic, one of the best readings i have had,

    Thanks Venus

  42. Carly says:

    I consulted Venus at a low point in my life. She was able to encourage faith and hope that things will get better and they did. Still seeking answers to major aspects but through inspiration by Venus I am learning to look within. Thanks Venus x

  43. GB says:

    I haven’t just found a good psychic, I’ve also found a friend who always picks up calls and listens to me.
    Venus you rock and you’ve been amazing to talk too. Your predictions are accurate although I’m still waiting for more to materialise and as you say there is no such thing as time in spirit…XX

  44. Ty says:

    I have had the pleasure in having readings from Venus. My first reading was in 2013, initially I didn’t quite understand some of the things that came up during the reading, however months down the line those same things became to unfold and everything made prefect sense to me. My second reading was of late this year, this reading was more turned to aid me to heal all my spritual and deep rooted wounds, everything Venus identified it was definatly related to me and myself. I would recommend Venus. So anybody who needs that straight forward and direct insight, then Venus is the one for you.

    Thanks again Venus.

  45. Myy says:

    My Friend recommended to contact Venus and I am very grateful because I had pleasure to talk with V of many things who occurred in my life and my job and relations;
    Today we are harvesting progressively all predictions she gave us. Also its relaxing to talk with her to have good vibrations, self confidence etc…Now we are really in a good way with my family and for my new job.
    Thanks a lot
    Myy and Daav

  46. Sarah says:

    There are not many psychics these days that I can honesty say I completely trust and listen to, but Venus is the exception.
    She is honest, direct and doesn’t sugar coat a thing – the qualities of a good psychic. And ahe hits the nail on the head with accuracy.
    She comes from the heart and genuinely wants to help people.
    My greatest lesson from Venus is be who you are and no one else and trust your own intuition and don’t listen to bullshit.
    Thank you Venus for always being in my head, reminding me that strength is from within

  47. Fashion Girl says:

    particular submit extraordinary. Magnificent job!

  48. violetta says:

    I still cannot understand how you have arrived to describe my house and the people around me! AMAZING! That is Super!!!. X <3

  49. Allison says:

    This is my second reading with Venus. She was very accurate. Very honest reader. I would definitely speak with her again in future.

  50. Claudia says:

    I wanted to apologise to you , I said to you that my son wasn’t asthmatic , 2 days later after my reading with you, my son was in hospital with a severe asthma crisis .

  51. Lara says:

    First thanks for all. 6 months ago you have described a man who will come to my life. I wasn’t sure at that moment because I was in love with someone else. Well, life has changed and I am pregnant today with the man from your description and I am happy. Thanks

  52. Maria says:

    Thank you! definitely an impressive lady

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